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“Can’t I?” – I Know Where I’m Going, Saturday 13th March, 8.30pm

Posted by Daniel on March 3rd, 2010 with 1 Comment

“I reached the point of thinking there were no more masterpieces to discover, until I saw I Know Where I’m Going!” - Martin Scorsese

Killruddery Film Festival is all about undiscovered masterpieces and I Know Where I’m Going (1945) is certainly that. Although there has been a recent rise of interest in the film it was overlooked for many years. Above is the remarkable train/dream sequence from the film, a sequence which shows Powell & Pressburger at their most playful. The scene presents Joan Webster, the female lead played beautifully by Wendy Hiller and in many ways a truly contemporary heroine. She is a headstrong city girl and a shameless materialist and in the scene above she is on her way to a remote Scottish island to marry a very dull, and very wealthy, industrialist, but as she says she seems to know what she’s doing.

It is only when our heroine dreams that her more complicated truths begin to reveal themselves, here the industrialist becomes personified as industry itself, and to make matters even more complicated the priest marrying her to industry is now her father. Eventually when she arrives in the isle of Kiloran, and meets it’s laird, she will slowly be won over by a location and a way of life with its own distinct set of charms.

Michael Powell, according to his autobiography, had in fact initially wanted to shoot this film in Ireland but couldn’t because of the war-time situation. The film however remains perfect as is, a truly magical romance that should not be missed. This very special screening will take place in the gardens of Killruddery itself, in the amphiteatre, where we will be providing hot water bottles, hot drinks and hot blankets to keep everyone cosy. If it is absolutely too cold and/or too wet we will move it inside to the library where we will watch it by the fire instead. Looking forward to it already.


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