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Seven Days to Noon

Seven Days to Noon
The Boulting Brothers, (1950) 94 mins.
Screening Saturday 13th 6.15pm €12

This film was selected and will be introduced by the filmmaker and recent IFTA lifetime achievement award winner John Boorman. It is a gripping, and staggeringly realistic, lost British thriller which plays on the fifties fears of nuclear catastrophe while resonating also with more contemporary anxieties. The film is about a rogue scientist who is building a new atomic bomb for the British government, at the last moment he has a crisis of conscience and steals the bomb. In an extraordinary act of aggressive pacifism the scientist threatens to blow up parliament unless the government stops building atomic bombs immediately and so the clock starts ticking as the search begins. An incredibly effective suspense and a succinct and fluid thrill ride, the film should have put the Boulting Brothers on the map, an extraordinary film and an acknowledged inspiration for Boorman.
Presented by John Boorman
Venue Cinema 2